A downloadable game

My name is Lara!

It all began as an ordinary day in Beaver City
But then, Zombie outbreak starts!
The streets become crowded with hungry and lusty evil creatures!
This is my last chance for survival...
Help me to escape this nightmare!

Game features
Dynamic Action Levels, full of bloody violence, you can play with one hand!
Animated Erotic Scenes you can unlock by solving puzzles!
Your choices really matter!
New Game + All the Sexy scenes you missed during your first playthrough!
Three different endings!



Demo3.zip 69 MB


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The game has been released to Steam!

not bad  but what's the sex stuff necessary...

it literally has "lewd" in the title as well as multiple warnings of nsfw content..

This game is great! So far after trying it out here are some suggestions; After defeating Penesis each time maybe get a reward for choosing that route like gun parts in the OG RE3. It could be something funny like parts to build a Cocket Launcher or if you want just a regular Rocket Launcher or maybe a Magnum (XL lol). To balance it out the gun could have extremely limited ammo only obtained through bosses or mini bosses. Ideas for other bosses could be like Mr. XXX or have a female Tyrant called Code Monica These B.O.W's  I mean H.O.E's ( Huge Organic Enemies ) as well as things like Humper's, Humper Gama's could add some more spice to the game. As for technical stuff I'd probably add things like moans and other lewd sounds to the animated parts with an option to turn them on or off.

Hehe, you've got some ideas :)


I Love this game its great!

The only thing i wold add is a graphic setting like low medium and high

sorry my English is not that good 

Thank you

Guys, dont be shy, leave me your feedback! :)